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At Balanced Bodies Studio, you can find a variety of sessions, and programs that are thoughtfully designed by Leslie Spicer, the owner and an expert in
the field. With multiple degrees and certifications, Leslie has a holistic approach to health and wellness. Her credentials include a degree in kinesiology, B.Ed. in physical education, as well as certifications as a fascial
stretch therapist, certified personal trainer, and precision nutrition coach.



What is It?

Balanced Bodies Studio Owner Leslie Spicer uses various tools and techniques to gently and painlessly stretch the fascial lines. You will be assisted in getting into a position and then moving in a way that facilitates a deeper stretch. Stretching shouldn’t be painful. The process slowly increases your range of motion and gives you increased flexibility and comfort. The aim of the session is to increase the space in your joints, allowing for unhindered bone movement within the capsule, leading to reduced pain and discomfort and promoting smoother and more fluid movement.

Learn more about Fascial Stretch Therapy at the Stretch to Win Institute.



  • 30 Minutes: $80

  • 45 Minutes: $100

  • 60 Minutes: $120

  • 75 Minutes: $140

  • 90 Minutes: $160

  • 3 Pack: Three 1-hour sessions $330 (save $30) 

  • 5 Pack: Five 1-hour sessions $500 (save $100)


  • Gentle, painless stretches create space in the joints so you can move more freely.

  • Careful processes increase mobility with less pain and discomfort than other methods.

  • Flexibility and relaxation lead to increased quality of life

  • Because you are more relaxed and experience less pain and tension, you may sleep better

I have been seeing Leslie for over 7 years. I first started going to her once a month and then once every 2 weeks and now I see her once a week. Being a tall guy limits my ability to reach. Leslie has greatly improved my flexibility and mobility in my lower back and shoulders. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is stiff or has limited mobility issues.

-Jay Morris (Business Owner-Hill Top Tree)

I have been working with Leslie for more than 5 years. Facial Stretch Therapy is an important part of my personal wellness plan. It’s great for stress relief and helps with muscle soreness. If you’ve not tried it, I definitely recommend it!

I enjoy the time I spend with Leslie and I always come away from our discussions learning something. I highly recommend taking advantage of the services she offers.

I regularly take her Stretch/Mobility class. Each week she varies the program which keeps it interesting. During the class she offers suggestions and is always encouraging. Any time I miss a class, I definitely notice it!

I have also had Leslie design customized programs for me. She has extensive fitness & nutrition knowledge and I trust her advise 100%.

-Anne Marie Hirons (FST/Mobility class client)


What is This?

​Group personal training is fun, challenging, and rewarding. Leslie leads groups of 4-8 people through custom personal training sessions between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Your group trains simultaneously in a circuit format. Find encouragement among your small group. Challenge each other, achieve your goals but most of all have fun!



We offer customized pricing based on your group's unique requirements. Get in touch with us to create your personalized package.


  • Develop good habits

  • Reach personal goals

  • Find ways to get motivated and inspired

  • Proper form and technique helps keep you from getting hurt

  • Change up how you work out

  • Have accountability to the group and coach

  • Feel like part of a community

  • Learn how to properly stretch at home to compliment your session

I have known Leslie for over 12 years. She was my personal trainer at the local gym and that continued when she decided to go out on her own. Along with my wife Winnie, we continue to be PT clients as well as for Facial Stretch Therapy (FST) and her Stretch and Core classes. When the pandemic hit, she successfully transitioned to virtual classes. Leslie cares for all her clients, promoting that we be the CEO of our Health. She works with us, not only our physical selves but also with nutrition and mindset suggestions. We are very pleased to have Leslie involved in our health journey.

-Alan and Winnie Lahue (Longest standing clients)


What is This?

Balanced Bodies’ Life Stretch Mobility Fusion Group Classes are a guided class using techniques by a certified LifeStretch® instructor. It’s combined with other mobility techniques using mobility tools (mobility balls, mobility sticks, straps, foam rollers, and bands). The instructor guides you through a sequence of movements connecting traction and breathing to open up the joints.



  • $15/class when booked in a series of 4-8 weeks

  • 20/class drop-in


  • Relaxation and better sleep 

  • Create positive habits

  • Attain personal objectives

  • Look for methods to be motivated and inspired

  • The proper form may help you avoid injury

  • Learn proven methods for fascial stretching

  • Discover effective stretching at home and create a personalized stretching routine that suits your individual needs and preferences

I thought the tightness of my joints --- specifically my hips and knees were because my parts were showing signs of wearing out, lol. Deep down, I knew I was WRONG!!! When I started the Stretch classes with Leslie, EVERYTHING changed. My flexibility increased, my fear of bending to a squat position to weed my garden, completely disappeared. I feel now that I'm a "show-off" with my friends because I can get to places I've never been able to reach for many years and getting up from a crouched position isn't agonizing at all, like it was. Leslie --- I can’t thank Leslie for getting me back on track and creating the awareness of how very powerful and important stretching is to quality of life. It takes so little time to do Leslie's stretching program which has made such a huge improvement to my own quality of life.

-Heather Smith (Homeopathic Doctor, Reflexologist)


What is This?

This program is customized to the family’s goals and each individual. This program is highly flexible as the goal is to ensure everyone is satisfied with the content, resources, and material covered in the program. This program involves various areas of health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and can be modified to the family’s particular needs. Other healthcare professionals specializing in a particular field can also be included in the program if needed.

Things that can be included in the program:

  • Group and individual workouts and/or mobility training sessions

  • Nutrition planning and recipes

  • Mindset

  • Any other topics that come up in the initial consultation can also be added



We offer customized pricing based on your group's unique requirements. Get in touch with us to create your personalized package.


  • Learn a more balanced approach to your nutrition

  • Learn how to meal prep

  • Set and achieve family and individual goals

  • Customized to each family member

  • Oversight and safety from a qualified nutrition coach

  • A source for questions kids may not want to ask their parents

Hi Leslie,
We wanted to tell you how grateful we are in meeting you. Your commitment to a healthy life style is not only motivating but also inspiring.

After COVID we definitely experienced some overall wellness challenges for our entire family. When we spoke to you about some sessions for our family to incorporate training and nutrition, you exploded with excitement and ideas on a Family Lifestyle Program. You took the approach of addressing not only each of our individual needs/goals but then combined it into a family type program that includes all of us. You have given us a lot in the past couple months from having someone to talk to always about healthy lifestyle choices, to doing training family workouts, to individual training workouts, better understanding of nutrition, to great healthy easy to do recipes and of course the fascial stretches. The past couple of months have been challenging but most importantly fun for us all.

Your relaxed approach in taking those small steps forward really does work in making changes that become a permanent part of life. Not easy but definitely doable.

Thank you for being there for our entire family and being super cool!
With Love and Respect!

-Belinda, Sante, Samantha and Jessica


What is This?

This program is for anyone looking to learn more about general gut health, wanting to improve it, or who are suffering from minor gut-related symptoms. This program is 4-6 weeks depending on the client. You will learn about inflammatory vs. anti-inflammatory foods, the importance of juice cleanses, recipes/meal plans that support a healthy gut, various intermittent fasting (IF) techniques, and learn about the gut microbiome.



  • Increased energy levels

  • Enhanced quality of sleep

  • Feeling lighter and more refreshed

  • Improved mental clarity and focus

  • Enhanced mobility and movement

  • Improved complexion and skin tone

Leslie has helped me tremendously in my wellness journey. I met Leslie at a time in my life where my muscles were extremely tight. Tight to the point where I couldn’t even hinge at the hips to put on my shoes and pants on. As I started to receive FST from Leslie her magic hands stretched my tight muscles leaving me feeling refreshed and limber. I recently needed to get back on track with my eating habits. I was having a lot of tummy issues and Leslie came to the rescue again. she put me on her new month-long Gut reset program. WOW after the just 1st week my body was functioning back to normal. I had no more bloating and felt lighter and regular. I am so lucky to have found Leslie for all my health and wellness needs. she is the full package I and I couldn’t live my life without her positivity and immense knowledge.

-Jeanie Vella (Teacher, Hairstylist)


When you think of the body as a whole you know and understand the importance of movement. I thought I was doing well stretching after exercise until I experienced assisted stretch with FST. The treatment was pain free, increased the flexibility in my joints, reduced deep pain in my muscles, increased circulation and so much more. You feel like GUMBY after a session! FST is a great tool in my wellness plan. 

-Dr. Caroline Teske (Optometrist)


  • How can I sign up for a live class?
    You may sign up for classes here.
  • May I come early?
    We provide a comfortable lounge area where you can relax and wait before your class or session begins.
  • Do you have parking?
    Yes, we offer parking in front of the building.
  • Do you have lockers and changing rooms? Where can I keep my belongings?
    At our studio, we have lockers and cubbies to store your belongings. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Do you provide childcare?
    We do not provide child care. Children are not permitted in the studio when sessions are in session for their safety.
  • How old must my child be to participate in class?
    While we welcome individuals of all ages for one-on-one and family sessions, please note that our classes are only open to youths aged 12 years or older.
  • What kinds of courses do you provide?
    We provide individual and group fascial stretch therapy, individual and group personal training, the family lifestyle program, and our beginner gut health program.
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